A Tour in the World of Music

Music is a widespread field. It is created through creativity, passion and so on.

Music is a combination of many elements. When these elements are well organized, it produces a good sound. Elements of music includes the beat, rhythm, form, melody, harmony, dynamics, timbre and tempo.

The beat. This refers to the steady pulse likened to the beat of the heart. It is measurable. The form. This is the overall structure for a piece of music resembling sentences and paragraph. This includes chorus that is often repeated after each verse. Verse are set of words as in a hymn. The rhythm. Rhythm are the patterns of sound. Whether long, short or steady. Notes and rest which are famous to most are its elements. The dynamics. Dynamics refers to the loudness or softness of the sound. It is categorized as forte meaning loud, piano which means soft, mezzo forte which is medium loud, mezzo piano meaning medium soft, crescendo which is getting louder and decrescendo which means getting softer.

The harmony. Harmony is defined when two or more different notes ate played together. It includes chord, intervals, scale, unison and so on. When the main harmony changes it is called key change. The melody. Melody which we remember the best refers to the series of single tones adding up to a recognizable tune. It has direction, step, pitch and others. The tempo. Tempo is the speed. It can be slow or fast, medium slow or medium fast. The timbre. Timbre refers to the quality of a voice or sound. It is produced with the help of musical instruments and it will be changed as the instruments will be changed.

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