Heart Therapy on Music

Did you know that music is good for the heart? The good sound, melody and rhythm produced by the music, when harmonized with the heart, increases natural healing power. In fact, people who live a busy and stressful life day by day compliment those who perform in a concert. It is because their stresses and anxieties were swayed away by the songs they listened.

Music has been found to be a prescription for people’s emotional and physical maladies. Humans responsiveness to music actually begins in the womb. Babies are able to hear external sound and that sound comes through for speech and for music. They are able to detect the musical elements and those musical distinction allows the child to learn speech and language.

In fact, music therapists use the organizing elements of music, its rhythm, beat and melody to facilitate people with stroke to walk better. Of course, we are not looking at the paralyzed part but of the brain. There is a part of the brain that cannot function well resulting to stroke or any disease but the power of music when heard is amazing. It is because we have heard the sound of music since we are in the womb. This is why our response to music is natural. Imagine a baby under a year old who does not know everything but dances as he hears the beat of a music.

For having a heart therapy on music, here are some guides to follow. While listening to music, choose a quiet and peaceful place. Sit comfortably and calmly. Gently close your eyes, feel the music. Imagine the power of the music enveloping your heart. Research says that human response more to sung sound than to spoken sound.