Live with the Mansfields Songs

The moment you hear songs, you jump like a rabbit? Why is that? Songs are the comfort of the soul and the joy of the ears. Ever since music was created, people have been singing different genres of songs around the world. However, nowadays we see that the most famous genre of music is rock. Wherever country you go, you hear rock music. This is probably the influence of the Western music. Even Eastern music adapted from the west. Why then do we have to talk about western music?

There are these group of musicians from Europe called Mansfields artists. They have started their mission in the early 20th century and now the most famous rock music they have is the “Dancing with Myself” and “All Dressed up”. These music are really cool and can not live a single day without hearing these songs. The songs are really stunning and create a sound syndrome. “Till Death We Do Part” is another song that catches the heart. When stressed. It’s good to listen to these songs that would help you get over whatever sorrows you have. It’s also good to cry with the songs in order to release poison in your heart that might be bothering you:

  1. Till Death Do We Part
  2. Broke On Christmas Again
  3. The Devil’s Gonna Get Me
  4. Gimme Something to Do
  5. Getting Over You
  6. This City Kills
  7. Terror of the Town
  8. (I’m In Love With My) Bad Attitude
  9. Somebodys Gonna Get Jumped
  10. Tear It Up
  11. Hell On Wheels
  12. Night of the Living Creeps

There are many Mansfield songs that you can just download and listen to them everyday as if they are part of your life.